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The Benefits of Creativity and Imagination

Benefits of Creative Activities for Active Seniors If you were asked to list creative activities for seniors, what would you say? Would you mention painting? Woodworking? Flower arranging? And if you were asked to try something thought of as “creative,” such as dance, poetry or pottery, what would be your response? These traditional activity ideas …

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Life Care Services Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction

It’s a Proud Time to Live at Broadview Our management company, Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company, ranked highest in customer satisfaction with independent living senior living communities two years in a row — and we have you to thank for it. This award demonstrates that residents and their families are receiving the care and …

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Meet Life Care Service’s Director of Development Services, Todd Shaw

Meet Todd Shaw Using his experience working with high-end real estate developments in Los Angeles — among other big cities — Todd Shaw, Life Care Service’s Director of Development Services, is passionate about creating similar luxurious homes for seniors to feel comfortable in and enjoy. Prior to LCS, Todd worked in real estate development on …

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Tips for Intergenerational Learning

Helpful Tips for Intergenerational Learning An intergenerational learning environment presents unique opportunities for every age group involved. When living on the same college campus, older adults and younger adults experience each other, and their relationships can transcend stereotypes. Younger adults’ perception of intergenerational interaction moves away from a mindset of “doing for” older adults, toward …

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Benefits of Seniors Continuing Education

Education looks different these days. There’s a range of subjects beyond reading, writing and arithmetic that we never dreamed of when we were in school decades ago. Teaching has evolved to include virtual workbooks and classrooms, and self-directed learning is possible no matter where you live. We live in an era where learning doesn’t have …

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